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Compare Best Three HGH of 2016

Comparison between different hgh supplements

Best Three HGH

Very effective … If you know every details of HGH Releaser


Being a health advisor of various health related blogs and websites, I had been several times asked by my readers this question.

They all are aware about the effective facts of hgh supplements, that hgh reduces the age, increase the metabolic activities, makes muscle growth stronger, able to increase the immunity power etc. These kind of so many good-effects create lots of questions about the product in their mind.

HGH & “fraud” seems to be a same word, as lack of knowledge of Human growth hormone can make you fool when you buy –

The page is created intend to help the buyer to selecting the best hgh based on the study and research.


Myths : “HGH Supplements” can turn back the aging clock.

Facts : “HGH Supplements” only can improve the secretion level and volume of growth hormone after certain age. Not only it improves the anti aging signs, but also it helps to protect some elderly symptoms.

My views


Anyway, according my views the claims are almost true if you know every pros and cons of hgh.

The importance of hgh in human body.


HGH is a kind of hormone which is secreted from Pituitary gland of human body. During child to teen-age phase the volume of secretion remains very high but with the age the secretion started to drop.

The main function of this hormone to maintain the muscle growth, bone growth, sexual attraction, improves digestion power, controlling the body fat, glowing of skin, increasing immunity power of human body. Now, you can understand easily how important this hormone to human body!

Unfortunately, several greedy companies started to claim as their product really improves the level of hgh in human body, but actually they selling very inferior quality products to make handsome profits. They are not genuine hgh seller they just taking the opportunity of high demanding product to business motive.

25 Reasons : Why HGH is so important!


  • Improve bone density
  • Improve muscle growth
  • Reduces extra fat
  • Improve metabolic function
  • Improve heart function
  • Make body fit and healthy
  • Remove wrinkle of skins
  • Remove black spots below the eyes
  • Improve skin glowriness
  • Improve sexual desirenes
  • Remove sexual impotency
  • Improve fertility and products of sperms
  • Improve sexual stamina
  • Make and feel much younger
  • improves body’s energy level
  • Improves body’s immunity power
  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Prevent hair fall
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve memory
  • Improve kidney function
  • Improve liver function
  • Slowdown the rate of aging.
  • Make body more healthy and fit.
  • Improve mental health


If you found truly a good quality hgh product, then you must check that it has so many beneficial effect to your body like improvement of energy level by internally increasing your volume of secretion. You feel younger yourself than ever, moreover your skin becomes much glow and wrinkle free. This kind of healthy product makes your sexual desire, metabolic action etc.

Very important!!


As I mentioned earlier that you have to be very careful before you pick any product from the market. As market is full of worse quality products in which some are so bad that these creates permanent health risk to your body.

First thing you have to know that the product you are going to buy what is it! What kinds of ingredients are there! Are these products really able to increase your hgh level?

If you are quite sure that you would like to check hgh supplement, then my opinion is you should check and research that the product you are going to use is completely safe and secure, there is no health risk associated with it. Now the question is how do you understand which hgh supplement is best and result oriented?

To find the answer this question I started to study and multilevel research. I started to collect information from different websites and medical journal. Also take in consider the reviews from users using it long time.


How do you find that which hgh supplement is best for you?


Credibility and Acceptance: I picked up product which has largest acceptance among the user and clinical proof. Moreover the product comes with FDA certification. FDA certification means that using such products has no side effects and harmful effects. You can find so many products which are not certified by FDA or not manufactured from FDA certified lab. Stay away this kind of non-approved products even they promises you about the quality.

Purity and Safety: It is best option to use 100% herbal product as hgh supplement than the Synthetic product. Also use the FDA certified product. Check properly the level attached with the product about the quality & composition of ingredients. Make sure the ingredients used there is allergic to you or not!


Money Back Guarantee: If you feel you can check once that the product comes with money back guarantee or not! If yes, that mean you are investing your hard earned money to a quality product. The fake company never commit on money back assurance, as they know it clearly that their product will not works.








Comparative study and graphical illustration of hgh supplements, means the mode of action, the composition, the effectiveness, side effects etc.

It is an effort to make you buying more hazards free and secure. Many medical evidences and graphical chart shown in this portal for your better understanding.

Based on various conditions I picked up 5 popular brands from the market and started to research on it.


Three Popular HGH Supplements

1) GenF20 Plus


Every day I received hundred emails from my readers, most of them asked me “Is really GenF20 Plus is so good or is it another scam?” – That’s why I decided to start more research on it. Mainly I considered the following matters:

First of all I like to give big thanks to my friend who encouraged me to do the work on it. Before you buy any hgh product you need to read this article once.


anna-lepeley dr-jeff-hill dr-steven-lamm

Read Reviews of GenF20 Plus


After that I started to read the reviews of Dr. Steven Lamm and his profile and attachment. I noticed that he is also a faculty of NYU’s Medical Centre. According him GenF20 plus is the best hgh releaser presently available in market in oral form.

His assurance encouraged me to use the product. Personality like him if endorsed any product there is no room for doubt.

The product which stimulates the pituitary gland to release hormone, these are known as hgh releaser. It also needs to be considered that, during the use the internal organ should be safe. Most importantly in this product most important amino acids components like – L-Arginine, GTF-Chromium, L-Lysine, L-Glutamine, L-Glycine, L-Tyrosine, Anterior Pituitary Extract and Choline are present. These ingredients help human body to release own hormone.

I was worried about one more thing that is the cost of the product. It was impossible for me to select any costly product. When I saw the product costing is $400 for one year supply, which is almost $300 less than similar kind of products. One more interesting thing is various payment options and discount in every option.


This product has one more interesting feature that, it comes with money back guarantee that mean if I want to try it I can use it until 67 days without any price. If user is dis-satisfied with the quality it can be returned.


Company assuring that if the product is not works for you, money can be returned without asking any question. Therefore, I don’t need to pay any penny for the product except the freight or courier charge. So I can try the product for a certain time if it works or not. That mean the manufacturers are so confident about the effectiveness of the product.


I felt littlebit sorry that the product is not free outside of USA, but I realized that if I pay for the shipping charge then I can try the product almost free for couple of months and can check the quality of the product. If I place an order in large quantities then the shipping charges will be waived off in various ways. In a 6 months’ supply the discounted amount is much bigger than the shipping charges amount. After that if anyone feels that buying this product is risky, I don’t know then what is the best option.


Few Advantage and Dis-advantage I mentioned below :


Advantage :

  • No question asked during the return of money.
  • Due to the coating it absorbs in body easily.
  • There are several promotional and buying options.
  • $300 at least less than same kind of product in market.


Dis-Advantage :

  • Free Shipping available for US only.


If you feeling exited and like to try the product once, then you can order for 5-6 months’ supply. This is enough for you to see the changes in your health. You just need to use couple of months to see the changes.



 2) GenFx





3) Hypergh 14X


If anyone wants to avoid the painful injection and like to use a safe and legal product then the answer is Hypergh14X. In modern market lots of products are available readily for making the muscle growth faster but unfortunately all the products are not good for your health.

Effectiveness and Acceptance !!


Let me show you about the effectiveness and acceptance of Hypergh14X.

Before I select my third choice of growth hormone supplement, I prepared some criteria for selecting the product.

  • The quality of ingredients used in.
  • Varieties of ingredients.
  • Using method like pills / spray or drop.
  • The composition of ingredients : chemical efficiency to work together.
  • Clinical study results.
  • Popularity of the product.
  • Manufacturer’s reputation.
  • Timeframe to show the result.
  • Costlier or not.
  • Comes with money back guarantee?

 Like other popular Hgh supplements, it is also a product of combination of different important amino acids. It is much better than other hgh releaser as it combines with other important ingredients quickly to show the result faster. It is also made up by important amino acids and herbs for maximum protection of our body. Due to the presence of natural ingredients and important compounds this supplement improve the body’s normal secretion volume of growth hormone.


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